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Mar 31, 2012 3:00am PDT
the president will run for re-election. we're also seeing a little bit of how mitt romney, the likely republican nominee is going to run against president obama. we'll have a bit more on that later in the show. of course, before mr. romney can fully jump into a general election campaign against the president, he still has to dispatch his rivals for the republican nomination. at this point in the campaign that means mitt romney has to be showing that he's consolidating his lead, showing he is locking up the republican establishment. pretty much every single day now that means mitt romney rolls out a high profile republican establishment endorsement. last week it was former florida governor jeb bush. this week it was republican senators mike lee and marco rubio and former president george h.w. bush. getting endorsements like that, having high profile surrogates, to talk on your behalf, for mr. romney that's been a doubl double-edged sword this year. on our staff and on our blog we talk about this as mitt romney's surrogate problem. right around the time of michigan primary you may remember mr. rom
Mar 11, 2012 11:00pm PDT
message? he do the delegate mat beat mitt romney. >> the governor thinks he is now ordained by god to win, then let's just have it out. >> previewing the debate to the fall campaign, the social issues versus the economy. more than 200,000 jobs created in february, and who has the winning prescription for more growth? with us, romney supporter and chair of the governor's association, virginia's governor, bob mcdonnell, and maryland's governor, martin o'malley. finally, our political roundtable is here to talk politics and about something else, civility. where has it gone and can it return? why the president called sandra after rush limbaugh attacks? he was thinking about his own daughters. >> i want them to speak their mind in a thoughtful way, and i don't want them attacked or called horrible names because they are being good citizens. >> we have a discussion with reverend al sharpton, host of msnbc's politics nation. and marsha blackburn, and ej dionne, and peggy noonan. >>> good morning. another split decision in republican presidential contest held over the weekend, and the results sho
Mar 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
romney needs to finally prove he can close the deal with voters and rick santorum needs to move prove he can stop him. >> everyone is going out here scrapping and clawing. and we're doing all right. >> this may be newt gingrich's last chance for a campaign comeback. >> i'm not a team player. i'm a change agent. >> and ron paul's biggest chance to pick off more delegates. >> we do know that the strategy of building up delegates is a pretty sound position to have. >> will any one candidate emerge as the big super tuesday winner or loser? republicans are choosing. the world is watching. and nothing in this election compares to what's happening right now. >>> welcome to the cnn election sent they are special edition of "john king usa." there's a gold mine of delegates at stake right now. 400 that stretch from vermont to alaska and something that may be just as valuable, a chance for the republican candidates to prove they can win on a big national playing field. live picture from fargo, north dakota. people gathering right now for a huge republican congress that begins later this hour. voter
Mar 12, 2012 3:00pm PDT
romney here in the "situation room." until then, i'm wolf blitzer in the "situation room." the news continues next on cnn. >>> good evening, i'm john king from the cnn election center. tonight, to southern states are too close to call. gas prices are up, again. as you pay at the pump, president obama is paying at the polls, dearly. >>> women and children found with their throats slit. russia and china should look at the images and stop blocking the global response. >>> we begin with another dramatic news story. new details about the veteran army staff sergeant accused of the unthinkable. walking off base and executing 16 civilians, nine of them children. the sergeant is a qualified sniper trained to hit and kill people at a distance of eight football fields. let's go to chris lawrence. what else do we know about this accused gunman? >> he's a combat veteran that did three tours in iraq. on the last tour in 2010, his vehicle rolled over. he suffered a traumatic brain injury. the army treated him for that. he was diagnosed and declared fit for duty. he's a married man, a father of two
Mar 12, 2012 6:00pm EDT
will have the story. >>> tomorrow, 110 delegates at stake. gingrich leads romney 34% to 31% in alabama. another tight race in mississippi, romney a two point lead over gingrich. again, it's too close to call. candidates are down to their closing arguments. >> i just want to say thanks for your generosity, your warm reception and hospitality. we are going to win tomorrow. [ applause ] >> the reason i'm running is i'm the one candidate with a clear, consistent track record of working with reagan and clinton getting large scale change. >> i know the values of the people of mississippi are in line with us. they need to go out and vote for the person that best represents their values. >> a chief political analyst is with us in the cnn election center. too close to call. one of the big questions, one of the criticisms romney can't prove himself. he can't be a republican nominee unless he can win in the base of the party. >> i think they have a point there, by the way. people in the romney campaign understand there's a big psychological hole, if nothing else in the middle of their campaign th
Mar 20, 2012 3:00pm PDT
of "state of the union" candy crowley with the romney campaign in suburban chicago. you're with that campaign because the romney campaign is expecting a win. what is their biggest expectation there bottom line tonight? >> reporter: the bottom line is they'd like to win the state. they do believe they are going to win this state. the margin they think could help them enormously, if it's a big margin. this they think would be a signal to the folks they'd like to help them wrap this up. we began to hear mitt romney after ohio talk about bringing the party together. they really would like some outside help on that, but then we had the southern primaries in alabama and mississippi where you didn't win so there's the question mark over his head. they would like to take that question mark down here with a big win in illinois, and that is certainly what they're hoping to do. we're not seeing a heck of a lot of turnout up here in the chicago area and sort of the collars they call it around chicago which is where most of the republican votes come from, which should be the friendli
Mar 12, 2012 3:00am PDT
win in kansas for rick santorum. but mitt romney also won the delegate vote in wyoming's ongoing caucus process. and he's picked up the majority of delegates in the american territories of guam, the northern marianas and the virgin islands. so this is how the current count looks. romney's ahead with 377, then santorum and gingrich, ron paul far behind. remember, the magic number to secure the nomination is 1,144. all of this with 48 hours of campaigning to go until republicans in the southern states of mississippi and alabama put their mark on this ongoing race for the republican nomination. and here with us again this morning from the campaign trail in mississippi is rick santorum. senator, welcome back. >> it's great to be back, david. thank you. >> look, you want your shot to go one on one with governor romney. so what tips the scales to get newt gingrich out of the race? >> well, i don't know, you'd have to ask him. we're just going to keep on winning and competing. you know, ever since nevada, we finished first or second in almost every state and came close, congressman paul
Mar 12, 2012 2:05am EDT
to head with governor romney at some point, and hopefully that will occur sooner rather than later, but we'll wait and see what the speaker decides. >> let's talk about governor romney. he's making the argument that the malt is essentially the moment momentum. our own political unit did some of that math and figured that you'd need 61% of the remaining delegates ultimately to win this thing. aside from the fact that nobody has the requisite number of delegates yet. why should not this race effectively be considered over and done with, advantage romney? >> well, romney needs about 50% of the delegates. on the current track that we're on right now, the fact is that governor romney doesn't get to that number. so the idea that you just make projections, i mean, this isn't a mathematical formula. it has a tremendous amount of dynamics. we have states coming up that will be great states, states like pennsylvania, we have 72 delegates, we should win if not all of them, the vast majority. the last poll in texas had me up 30 points. we're doing very well in a lot of the states. people remember that
Mar 19, 2012 2:00pm PDT
this thing? if so, he'll have to start by taking tomorrow's illinois primary. romney is terrified of another upset loss and he spent the day referring to santorum as another economic lightweight. santorum said romney would be like tweeddlum versus tweedlede. should we stay in afghanistan? should we go? romney admitted yesterday he's not ready to take a stand. i guess it's easy to criticize president obama from the cheap seats until they come up with a coherent plan. plus oil consumption is up but it's actually down this year. make no mistake. the obama camp itself is very worried about gas prices and the potential fought this november. it was two years ago this week when president obama signed his health care into law, putting an exclamation point on the most controversial battle in congress. tonight we're talking about congress and brown do for you. i'm talking about scott brown, the senator from massachusetts and his dirty little joke about santorum and contraception. we begin with the battle in illinois. the co-authors of "game change" as well as msnbc political analysts. likely political
Mar 19, 2012 8:00am PDT
roberts. we get straight to it starting on the agenda today. mitt romney desperate to lock up the front-runner title in the battle for the republican nomination and avoid falling flat with illinois voters. romney padded his delegate league with a win in puerto rico and is hoping to keep that going. >> i must bet the margin was just about as good. i need only one thing from you this morning, no, two. i need some pancakes and, number two, number two, i need you to go vote tomorrow. >> so we're not talking about pancakes over the weekend. romney made much use of the word economic lightweight. using that phrase to link both rick santorum and president obama. >> i believe itch the best chance and perhaps the only chance of actually replacing barack obama as the president of the united states. >> so not taking that one lying down. rick santorum hit back with these words on "morning joe." if i'm a lightweight, i agree, he's a heavyweight. is a big government heavyweight. that's what he said his record was. we need someone who understands that washington isn't the answer to our proble
Mar 1, 2012 6:00am PST
. donald trump has been asked by mitt romney to go out to ohio and campaign for him. >> is that right? >> yeah. he did some work, made some calls in michigan. >> i love donald, but i think it's a bad move. it shows weakness and you're bringing the carnival. wrong move. bad move. >> what are you talking about? >> bad move. >> what's the carnival? >> i love donald, but if you're a serious political guy, shouldn't have to need donald trump. >> i don't understand. >> willie geist, the latter day abraham lincoln. >> i'm out of here. >> tomorrow, a big show on education tomorrow. stick around for chuck right now. >>> politics, the senate sinks into good old-fashioned take that mode. fights over birth control coverage, precisely why moderates like o liolympia snow feel there's no room for them anymore. >>> romney's campaign says he didn't understand the question. what's this pattern of romney roiling over some remark within hours of a big primary win. >>> and a look back at how rick santorum rocketed through the ranks of pennsylvania politics. and how did he go from winning four in a row to
Mar 11, 2012 11:00am PDT
the weekend. results showing a big win. in kansas for rick santorum. but mitt romney won the delegate in wyoming caucus. he picked up the majority in the american territories of guam, northern marianas and the virgin islands. romney is ahead at 37 #. then santorum and gingrich, ron paul far behind. remember, the magic number is 1,144. all of this with 48 hours of campaigning to go until republicans in the southern states of mississippi and alabama put their mark on this ongoing race for the republican nomination. here with us again from the campaign trail in mississippi is rick santorum. senator, welcome back. >> it's great to be back, david. thank you. >> well, you want your shop to go one on one with governor romney. what tips the scales to get newt gingrich out of the race? >> i don't know. you would have to ask him. we're going to keep on winning and competing. ever since nevada we finished first or second in almost every state. came close where congressman paul and i were tied in a couple states. we've been there. other than georgia, congressman gingrich finished third or fourth.
FOX News
Mar 21, 2012 4:00am EDT
-- >> now mitt romney wins big in illinois. in his victory speech, he comes out swinging at president obama. >> now, by the way, the president's trying to erase his record, with some new rhetoric. the other day he said this, we are inventor, we are builders, we are makers of things, we are thomas edison. we are the wright brothers. we are bill gates. we are steal job it's wait, i missed that. we are steve jobs. that's true. but the problem is, he's still barack obama. >> governor romney and speaker gingrich went along with the ride. guess what? when the climate changed, they changed their position. and now they're all for drilling and they're all for oil and gas and coal. i was for it because it was the right thing to do then. i'll be for it tomorrow and the next day and the next day. i am not going to change with the climate. [cheers and applause] >> brit hume is here. good evening. and of course, everyone says, both newt gingrich and santorum, both say they are onto the next one. but this looks different? >> it does look different tonight. it's an important state. it's
Mar 1, 2012 9:00am EST
. >>> romney's campaign says he didn't understand the question. what's this pattern of romney roiling over some remark within hours of a big primary win. >>> and a look back at how rick santorum rocketed through the ranks of pennsylvania politics. and how did he go from winning four in a row to getting clobbered by double digits? good morning, it's thursday, march 1st. let's get right to my first read of the morning. ten states vote on tuesday with the big prize being ohio. but this morning, we do have new results to report from wyoming. the 11th state that hands out a couple of delegates on super tuesday. romney won wyoming non-binding precinct straw poll. 39% of the voter over rick santorum, only about 2,100 republicans participated. smaller than the average cpac straw poll. it is simply an indicator of how the state may vote in its upcoming townee and state conventions, where 26 of the 29 delegates will be bound. we also have our final results from michigan. and it is a romney/santorum split. 15 each. wednesday morning, santorum declared michigan a tie. by mid afternoon, he challenged report
Mar 13, 2012 3:00pm PDT
in the roller coaster republican presidential race. will alabama and mississippi submit mitt romney as the head. >>> let's begin with the latest round of voting. four contests in all tonight. hawaii and american samoa also casting ballots. most of the attention focused on alabama and mississippi. late polls in both states showed races too close to call. our exit polls also suggest a fierce competition in both states with conservative support. early exit polling, we'll bring this over for you. here we are in the state of mississippi tonight. voters were asked as they went to the polls. what's the most important candidate quality. you can see more than four in ten republican voters in the state of mississippi today say their number one priority is beating president obama in november. about 20% say they want a true conservative. 20% say strong moral character matters most to them. look at the state of alabama. same question. what's the most important candidate quality? little lower number there about four in ten say the most important thing they want is a candidate who can defeat president obama,
FOX News
Mar 6, 2012 3:00pm PST
at stake. also on the line, the front runner status of mitt romney. and the survival of the other three candidates. this afternoon, president obama wished romney well. sort of. >> now i understand there are some political contests going on tonight. >> what would you like to say to mitt romney? >> good luck tonight. >> no, really. >> really. >> bret: we will have full coverage of president's news conference in a moment. but first, super tuesday. rick santorum faces what many feel is a must-win situation in ohio. while a big night could give romney a huge lead in the delegate math his campaign will portray as insur mountable for his opponents. chief political correspondent carl cameron starts us off from massachusetts. >> after barn storming in ohio, mitt romney returned to massachusetts to cast a super tuesday vote for himself. >> it's greet be back home. i am hoping for a win in massachusetts. >> earlier, romney and newt gingrich addressed the apac summit via satellite. santorum appeared in person. each promised to stand with israel and take a hard line against iran. >> i will make sure
Mar 18, 2012 6:30pm EDT
the possibilities of people dropping out. if mitt romney can come on this, then the argument is going to end right there. because of the perceived divide within the party is, i think it is wise to prepare for the possibilities. >> i know you are quite familiar with rule number 30. this change from 2008-2012. >> that is exactly what the rick santorum group is try to push for. mitt romney may have 1 million more votes. mitt romney may have more delegates than the other three candidates combined. when you come to tampa, anything goes. just like when ted kennedy tried to make it an open convention in 1980 against jimmy carter. you need somebody to be president obama. if it is not going to be met romney, it should be us. >> it is an industrial state. it is a state that rick santorum needs to prove that he can win. that is going to keep this race going. it is not winner-take-all. each is going to walk away with some delegates. >> we talked about how the money is very important. rick santorum did not have the money to file in every congressional district in illinois. even if he does well, he will be shut
Mar 13, 2012 1:00pm PDT
live. mitt romney, what is at stake for him tonight? plus the civilian massacre, blunt language from president obama, while new information about the soldier suspect is revealed. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >> the republican race for the white house is all tied up in mississippi and alabama, most primary polls close in four hours. those contests could go anywhere. . what's happens in lafayette, jim? >> the primaries are, all three candidates have a serious shot at taking the checkered flack, all at least at risk for a maybe blowout. with the deep vow. >> reporter: confident that primaries in mississippi and alabama could put him in the gop's driver's seat -- >> under the obama economy, it's been harder these are crushing a lot of people. >> romney has good wins to, and victories by newt ging rich could be just as damaging. >> reporter: he's making the case that the race won't be settled in the south. >> it can be different for anyone to get to the number of delegates with the majority of the convention. >> they laughed that off in an e-mail to reporters, saying
Mar 13, 2012 7:00am PDT
they are the most conservative. tonight could put another notch in mitt romney's belt or continue his questions to rally the republican faithful. >>> nbc's mark murray is joining us now, and ari melbur writes for the nation. we have been saying for a couple weeks now if mitt romney wins it will finally silence his critics. is tonight that important, ari? >> good morning to y'all as they say in the south. i think what's happened here is we know presidential politics are unfair and the goalposts are moving for rick santorum. there was a lot of attention on him making this argument. whether he does decent in southern states, which i'm give mitt romney some credit, it is a home game for santorum, not because of geography but because of social conservative issues, i don't think a strong showing is going to up-end the gop establishment that this is romney's. >> okay, so he's been eating grits and saying y'all. here's some reaction from regular folks in the south. >> when they start talking about grits and biscuits and gravy, it seems like they are kind of talking up to us. >> i don't think anyone is
Mar 19, 2012 6:00am PDT
todd. let's get to my first read of the morning. in less than 48 hours, mitt romney gets his next midwestern test. can rick santorum do what he's done in every midwestern battleground state yet and turn it into a nail biter. romney started his day in illinois with another win under his belt. he walked away with landslide victory in puerto rico's primary. romney said that his victory signaled republicans can win hispanic voters in november. >> this isn't some little island. it's 4 million people. if it were a state, it would be the 25th largest state in the country. those people who don't think that latinos will vote for republicans need to take a look in puerto rico. >> santorum who made a tactical choice to take two days away from campaigning in illinois to try to keep romney's puerto rico delegate number down released a statement allegedly in congratulations but saying "we know mitt romney will do and say anything to get votes and this is just another example of that. i think 90% of americans who believe english should be the official language of this country must be wondering w
Mar 8, 2012 3:00am PST
wins that one, that's it. and if i'm not mistaken -- >> mitt romney declared the winner in ohio. >> okay. all right, everybody, thanks for coming, that's a wrap. we're just going to sit back. show's over. good luck in the general election. i'm going to smoke my pipe and watch book notes as i always do to unwind from a hard day at the satire factory. unless -- >> romney eked out the win in ohio. >> he barely won in the all important state of ohio. >> he won the math, but lost the momentum. >> he could not deliver a knockout punch. >> the republican race far from over, folks. >> every time. >> every time. good morning. it's thursday, march the 8th. and with us on the set, we've got executive editor of random house, pulitzer prize winning historian jon meacham. the list keeps -- >> do you have my tax returns? >> i heard at the "game change" premiere because i -- you know, all the kids were calling me because all the cool kids were there last night. >> i, of course, was home not like jon stewart. >> did you have porage for the kids? >> it soothes my nerves at the end of the day, and
Mar 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
second and third. it of the [unintelligible] important for romney to do well. it to do more important for santorum to do well. ohio and tennessee are the game. but santorum liz's ohio, he has to win tennessee. if met ronnie went ohio and tennessee, -- if mitt romney it wins ohio and tennessee, there is a perception that it is over. what is new to bring their each region what is the newt gingrich argument that >? >> today might not be as big as some previous super tuesday. it is huge in deciding who is the republican nominee. we will have a much clearer portrait tomorrow morning at the state of this race. i think we're going to have a clear indication whether we're talking about three more weeks or three more months. >> that is right. >> it is not aid o'clock p.m. eastern. we say eastern because this is being broadcast on c-span. it is an important hour. we're seeing polls closing in massachusetts. half of tennessee is now resolved. the rest is still resolving. romney has been declared the winner in massachusetts. we want to welcome our audience from coast to coast. >> s uper pac tuesd
FOX News
Mar 7, 2012 3:00am PST
'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your day with us. mitt romney going 6-10 on super tuesday and has a message for president obama. >> i have a message. you have not failed. you have a president that's failed you. that's going to change. >> mitt romney not waking up this morning with a clear frontrunner. rick santorum proving this is still a two guy race. >> we're going to win a few. we're going to lose a few. but as it looks right now, we're going to get at least a couple of gold medals. and a whole bunch of silver medals. >> plus newt walking away with one victory last night but it's a big one and he's not going anywhere. >> there are lots of bunny rabbits that run through. i'm the tortoise. i take one step at a time. >> reminds me, did i feed my rabbit? we're breaking down all of the super tuesday results. "fox & friends" starts just about now. >> good morning, everyone. check out that map. there you have it. super tuesday results. mitt romney wins six states. ohio, alaska, virginia, idaho, massachusetts and vermont. >> yep. rick santorum only won three but it s
Mar 29, 2012 3:00pm PDT
speaks to our anderson cooper. mitt romney picks up two big endorsements, we're learning of a secret meeting with rival newt gingrich. tonight for the first time, cnn can give you an eyewitness account of the fatal shooting of 17-year-old trayvon martin. our anderson cooper spoke to this eyewitness just moments ago. >> what did you observe after the shot? >> as i said, it was dark. but after the shot, obviously someone -- the man got up, and it was kind of like that period of him -- i can't say i actually watched him get up, but maybe only within a couple seconds or so, then he was walking towards where i was watching, and i could see him a little bit clearer and see it was a hispanic man, and he was -- he didn't appear hurt or anything else. he just kind of seemed very -- i guess the term -- very worried or whatever, walked on the sidewalk at that point, his hand up to his forehead. and then another man came out with a flashlight. >> senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin joins us. you went to visit with the anderson cooper staff and heard more about the interview. he said it was a his
Mar 12, 2012 6:00am PDT
's eating the grits. can wehe win the south? mitt romney is hoping a split between the conservative vote will mean good news in either mississippi or alabama or both tuesday. is he overcommitting? high risk/high reward style of campaigning. >>> and the battle over who should get out of the race. the rick santorum and newt gingrich camps square off. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. let's get to my first reads of the morning. can mitt romney steal alabama or mississippi? it was a strategy in tennessee and didn't work. but we'll see. romney added a last-minute stop in mobile, alabama this morning, which advisers say was in recognition of the campaign's belief he could still pick up a win tomorrow. but romney is playing it both ways. also trying to keep expectations in check. last night the romney campaign tipped off local media to an unscheduled stop in jackson, mississippi. but didn't notify the national press corps. at a minimum, romney will wendell gats tomorrow. 47 at stake in alabama. 37 in mississippi. this weekend, though, santorum walked away from the kansas caucuses wit
Mar 20, 2012 3:00am PDT
hit the polls. a win for romney could cement his front-runner status. a santorum victory could boost that romney can't rally the conservative base. santorum is on the defensive over these comments he made in illinois yesterday. >> you need a candidate who is going to be a fight er for freedom, who is going to get up and make that the central theme in this race. it is the central theme in this race. i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. doesn't matter to me. my campaign doesn't hinge on unemployment rates. there's something more foundation going on here. >> okay. romney seized on that comment trying to capitalize on santorum's remarks. >> i'm concerned about the people out of work. one of the people running also for the republican nomination said he doesn't care about the unemployment rate, that doesn't bother him. i do care. it bothers me. i want to get people back to work. i'm concerned about those out of work. one of the reasons i'm running is to get the expertise in place. get a strong economy. >> last night, santorum tried to walk back his original comments. tak
FOX News
Mar 20, 2012 7:00pm PDT
that end its for us from illinois. mitt romney in first place tonight. but let not your heart be troubled. we will be back tomorrow night on twitter. greta's next. >> it's on to louisiana. governor romney is celebrating. but in four days in louisiana, romney's rivals get a chance to throw a road block. brit hume is here and eric kantor is here. he wants to you co-sponsor the legislation. remember the old-school honor system? stephen chu grades himself on gas prices. that's in minutes. but fir, the latest from bret baier. >>> mitt romney is the winner, beating rick santorum in the land of lincoln. neither newt gingrich nor ron paul made much of an effort here. >> after years of too many apologies and not enough job, historic drops in income and historic highs in gas prices, a president who doesn't hesitate to use all the means necessary to force through obamacare on the american public, but leads from behind in the world, it's time to say these words, this word -- enough! [cheers and applause] >> we have had enough. >> more coming up at the bottom of the hour and a full hour at
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